Central Seasons

“Central Seasons” follows of Jose Ramirez, a high school student In Arvin, CA who, through the course of the film, begins doing fieldwork while attempting to graduate from high school. Set in the middle of an agriculturally intensive area of Kern County, the film explores the relationship high school students have with work, education and family responsibilities. When families need extra economic support the children are often expected to become contributors to the household income. Having a job as a teenager is not uncommon in America, but in these small communities the most readily available work is in agriculture, a job that is physically draining and that can have long term repercussions. Parents want a better life for their children, but in the process of supporting their families through fieldwork these teens are often beginning a future in fieldwork, with no benefits or hope of promotion.
The central valley’s contribution to table food in the United States is significant, but the people who are picking the food are not often studied or given proper resources. “Central Seasons” is an exploration of the teenage experience in balancing fieldwork with school and how success cannot be measured through a standardized system.


Iron and Eagles

Documentary on the Silchester archaeological site, once a major Iron Age and Roman town called Calleva Atrebatum.


Open the Gates

A study of Northern California druids.