Bianca Hernandez completed her MA in Visual Anthropology at the University of Southern California in August of 2013. She received her BA in Journalism: News Editorial and Anthropology from California State University, Chico. (She also did her AA in Liberal Arts at Bakersfield College, and would have stayed to finish it in Journalism if she could have stomached Bakersfield one more season.)

Her thesis film at USC was about teenagers who work in agriculture in Arvin, CA. Having grown up in Bakersfield, Hernandez always wanted an avenue to explore the experiences of teens in Kern County in order to bring awareness to the population as a whole. She believes there should be more discussion about the well-being of farmworkers because of the volume of food they play a part in bringing to tables across America.

Upon graduating Hernandez has begun exploring expanding her film into a feature length documentary. “Central Seasons” will soon be morphing into “After Chavez,” in time for the 50th Anniversary of the Delano Grape Strike.
Hernandez is not new to the world of documentary film, having directed a short film as a student at Chico State concerning North State druids. Her education at USC has allowed her to gain advanced experience in editing and filmmaking.

She has worked on various publication staffs including: IKON, Renegade Rip, Lemur, The Orion, The Synthesis and Sierra. From news writer, to editor, Hernandez has dabbled in various roles around the newsroom, giving her a holistic perspective on operations and communications within the world of publications.

At USC she was a producer for the Trojan Health Show, which aired on the Trojan Vision channel. That stint allowed her to learn the basics of live television production and gave her access to the Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts. The station reaches about 1.8 million viewers in the Los Angeles area.

She cultivated an interest in environmentalism while working in the Recycling and Sustainability offices at Chico State. Her continued passion for change led her to work at the USC Office of Sustainability, where she was in charge of bringing about sustainable changes and strategies targeting the athletics programs on campus. She has also worked for ESPN Environmentality and was an editorial intern at the Sierra Club.

She is currently working as a contractor at Facebook through Pro Unlimited. Previous work has included being the sole web producer and fill-in show producer at a duopoly in Fresno. In 2014 she was freelancing at KGO and acting Web Editor for Sierra Magazine.

In 2014 she returned to the valley to produce live tv and web produce at KGPE and KSEE in Fresno. Moving back to the Bay Area in 2016, she worked on the Trending News module at Facebook and was shortly after hired as a team lead on the Search Quality Metrics team.

Right now she is living in her dream apartment, working full-time at a social media giant and freelancing at KQED. Mostly she just wants to find the perfect meme for her next Drunk Austen post.

In her free time she enjoys strong French pressed coffee, failed sewing projects, Hemingway novels and BBC World News. She considers herself a grade-A nerd after putting a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference on her business card.
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