Costume: Mara Jade part 1

As most young nerds, I always had a character I dreamed of dressing up as one day. I fell down the rabbit hole of Star Wars EU when I was in Jr. High and Mara Jade stuck out to me. She was a badass Jedi, and a lady in a sci-fi universe who got respect! At that time there weren’t many lady badasses in the genre, so I’m sure that’s why I’m not alone in adoring her.

Fast forward to Celebration in Orlando, where I had a chance to throw together a costume for my precious bby Mara.

Here I am right after getting my first lightsaber and the wig.

I had tons of fun and people stopped me constantly to talk EU.

So now it’s time to get serious. That means making a catsuit (gasp!) and working on accessories. If I’m going to work for Legion approval, I’m going to have to work hard.

I’ll be using this pattern as base, but drastically changing it.

I acquired this Yaya Han 4-way stretch fabric. It wasn’t cheap, but it’s thick and I got extra in case I mess up. I’ve never worked with spandex.

I made the harness for my costume back in April, so I’m hoping it passes critique and I can use it now.

Update: I now have shin guards!

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