What am I working on?

I feel like I only ever remember I have this website when the yearly renewal reminder comes in. Instead of letting this remind me that I have no new content, I will strive to actually get content here. Besides endless sewing projects, work and occasionally, sleep, I figured a list would be a good way to organize my current to-do list but also be obnoxiously braggy to any future employers who have found their way here.

  • Coordinating venues, speakers and marketing for JASNA NorCal
  • Writing a presentation on social media for AustenFest
  • Still rocking co-admin status for the Drunk Austen community
  • Working on a social media/content strategy pitch for an internal group at Facebook
  • Endless Etsy orders
  • Promoting said Etsy account
  • Weaning myself off my caffeine addiction
  • Tackling my to-read pile

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